1953 Corvette NASCAR Unit

1953 Corvette NASCAR Unit

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Corvette History - What's Missing in this Ad? By Rick Tavel If you look closely at this advertisement that ran just after the new 1956 models were introduced in the fall of 1955 you might notice something missing. That would be the 1956 Corvette. More than one reason has been put forth as to why; the most common excuse offered up is there was not a 1956 Corvette available at the time. And though technically that is correct there is a lot more to the story. If you look closely the pictures of all the various Chevrolet models are not photographs they are illustrations and as such there was no need to have an actual model of any of the models available; it was one reason for using illustrations. The actual reason that there is no 1956 Corvette depicted in the Chevrolet lineup is that when the ad was created there was not going to be a 1956 Corvette; the decision had not been made to continue the two seat sports car for [OL TVKLS`LHY;OV\NO*OL]YVSL[UL]LYVMÄJPHSS`YL]LHSLK[OLPYKLJPZPVU[V[OLW\ISPJMVSSV^PUN[OLKPZTHS ZHSLZ^OLYLH[OPYKVM[OL*VY]L[[LWYVK\J[PVU^HZ\UZVSKH[[OLLUKVM[OL`LHY[OL[VWL_LJ\[P]LZH[ GM had decided to cancel the car. ;OV\NO[OL *VY]L[[L^HZ[OLZ[HYVM[OL4V[VYHTH^OLUPU[YVK\JLKX\HSP[`HUKWLYMVYTHUJLPZZ\LZKPZHW- pointed both dealers and potential customers. Zora Arkus-Duntov's initial opinion was the Corvette was "visually superb" but it "mechanically stunk." Several factors intervened that helped save the Corvette. Salvation took the YLSLU[SLZZMVJ\ZVM,K*VSL*OL]YVSL[»ZJOPLMLUNPULLYH[LHTVMTVYL[OHUHO\UKYLK[HSLU[LKLUNPULLYZ*VSL»Z YL]VS\[PVUHY`SPNO[^LPNO[=LUNPULZL]LYHSPUUV]H[P]LHUK[HSLU[LKHK]LY[PZPUNHUKW\ISPJYLSH[PVUZTLUHUK ^VTLU[OLJVTWL[P[P]LWYLZZ\YLIYV\NO[[VILHYI`[OL-VYK;O\UKLYIPYKHZ^LSSHZSLNLUKHY`YHJLJHYKYP]LYZ and races on a local and international scale. NASCARCORVETTE.COM 7 >OH[»Z4PZZPUNPU[OPZ(K&

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