1953 Corvette NASCAR Unit

1953 Corvette NASCAR Unit

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50 NASCARCORVETTE.COM (;YPI\[L I wish to recognize Mr. L. Gray Tuttle who so graciously provided photos, dates, and hours of conversation that helped ProTeam positively identify #211 as one of the two NASCAR Corvette race cars, as with Mr. Tuttle's help he again rescued #211 and its history from the overzealous YLZ[VYLYZ^OV[PTLHM[LY[PTLJV]LYL]LY`[OPUNPUJS\KPUN[OLÄUNLYWYPU[Z^P[OWSHZ[PJWHPU[ This was Mr. Tuttle's second rescue of #211, which in 1958 was being used by NASCAR as a parts car and was destined to salvage, as it was a "used-up" dated racecar. Mr. Tuttle purchased #211 in 1958 for $350.00 and repaired the left front fender, door, and YLHYX\HY[LYWHULSI`J\[[PUN\W[OLÄILYNSHZZ[VUULH\JV]LYMVYYLWHPYWPLJLZHUKWHY[Z Mr. Tuttle removed the roll bar, racing windshield, and installed a plasticon hardtop, Corvette stock windshield, 1956 hubcaps, right hand seat, a passenger car 3-speed transmission (tranny was already gone) and his father's 1951 pick-up truck heater. Mr. Tuttle's interest in Corvettes began after his grandfather took him and his brothers to Modern Chevrolet in Winston-Salem to see the new 1953 Corvette. Gray was only eleven years old as he was born May 5th, 1942. That Christmas Gray received an Ideal Plastic Corvette Model from his grandfather and has been a Corvette enthusiast and/or a Corvette owner ever since. Gray remembers well the two Corvettes and a T-Bird that raced at Bowman Gray Stadium in the summers of 1955 and 1956 even though he was only 13 and 14 years old at that time. Gray drove #211 with its NASCAR 2 four V-8 until approximately 1968 when he sold #211 for $950.00 to a man from Canada. Gray also painted the other NASCAR Corvette, a 1955 VIN #399, for Pee Wee Jones who thought it was promised to him by [OL5(:*(9VMÄJPHSZ Gray has owned several early Corvettes over the years including a very rare six cylinder 1955 and currently owns a 1954 Corvette. Gray is a true Corvette enthusiast, a gentleman, and a person who shares… and for that I say thank-you very much!! "Terry Michaelis may be the single most versatile contributor to the Corvette Phenomenon. Collector. Dealer. Publisher. Researcher. Teacher. Vendor." Quote from Bloomington Great Hall. Terry has procured, marketed, and sold more than 10,000 Corvettes in his storied career. He began the love affair with the Corvette over 40 years ago on a local car lot. By the mid- 1970's, Michaelis was dubbed "King" of Corvette aftermarket parts. Michaelis and his broth- er, Fred, formed ProTeam Classic Corvette in 1987, where they assembled the largest most dynamic collection of classic Corvettes in the world. Terry Michaelis is a world-renowned expert on Corvettes having been the focus of hundreds of radio interviews, newspaper articles, and other industry publications. He continues to lobby for the collector Corvette community with the same passion and affection for over the top marketing that he envisioned when he hosted the MGM world premiere of Corvette Summer in 1978 and the production of "The Last Stingray" SPEEDtv miniseries in 2006 of which won a Silver Telly award. Beyond marketing wizardry, Michaelis has developed into one of the foremost proponents of preservation, forensics research, HUKZVY[PUNOPZ[VYPJMHJ[ZMYVTWYVTV[PVUHSÄJ[PVUYLSH[LK[VOPNOWYVÄSL*VY]L[[LZ/LTH`UV^ILH[[OLTVZ[PTWVY[HU[ phase of his career - helping new collectors learn what to look for, how to recognize it, and what to do about it. The work presented in these pages is a culmination of a career spent under the hood and forming relationships with people as a passionate about the Corvette as he is. Terry pulled-out all the stops and cashed-in more than a few favors to bring the complex saga of #211, The NASCAR Corvette, to the light of day. Terry is a member of the NCRS #136, SACC #32, Founding member of the National Corvette Museum, Bloomington Gold .YLH[/HSSPUK\J[LL5HTLK6ULVM*VY]L[[L»Z4VZ[0UÅ\LU[PHS7LVWSLPU (IV\[;OL(\[OVY

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